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Transportation planning

Looming heat wave increases need for pet owners to know all risks


Paul Scarpelli, Animal Protection and Control
Phone: (360) 397-2375 ext. 4705

Vancouver, WA – Many pet owners know animals need special attention when temperatures rise but even the most caring owners may not know hidden risks.

With very warm weather forecast for the next several days, animal protection officers are reminding owners that pets can start out in safe conditions but easily become stressed when outings take longer than expected or days go from warm to hot.

“By the time we hit 90 degrees, temperatures earlier in the day may have already had an impact that can snowball quickly,” said Paul Scarpelli, Animal Protection and Control manager for Clark County.

Scarpelli said calls to Animal Protection increase when temperatures go above 70 and concerned citizens seek advice or assistance. “This can lead to intense interaction, which can be avoided through planning and prevention,” he said.

To keep animals healthy:

• Leave pets at home.
• Leave plenty of water and food in an area with shelter.
• Do not leave pets in parked cars, even with windows open or in the shade.
• Do not allow a dog to travel unsecured in the bed of a pickup truck.
• Walk or exercise pets in the morning or evening when heat is less likely to cause exhaustion and pavement is less likely to burn their paws.

Signs of heat stroke are excessive panting and salivation, glassy stares, dizziness, sluggishness and vomiting. Call your veterinarian if those symptoms arise. Call Clark County Animal Protection & Control at (360) 397-2488 when help clearly is needed at the scene.

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