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June 22 - Revision to June 2, Advisory Public Health encourages providers to test and treat pertussis cases early to reduce spread
June 12 - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus(MERS-
CoV) Infection

June 2
- Public Health encourages providers to test and treat pertussis cases early to reduce spread.
April 15 - As local pertussis rates soar, public health encourages providers to treat cases early to reduce spread
March 18 - Increase in Pertussis and Chickenpox Among High School Children
February 6 - Measles Reference Sheet
January 9
- CDC Flu Update

December 5 -CDC Advisory recommends treating patients who are at high risk of complications from flu and who have influenza-like illness as early as possible with Oseltamivir or Zanamivir (PDF)
December 4 -
HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) (PDF)
October 6
- Reminder to Offer Flu Shots to Pregnant Patients (PDF)
September 29 - Enterovirus D68
(PDF) - Enterovirus D68 Patient Summary form (PDF)
September 19 - Legionella (PDF)
September 15
- Enterovirus D68
September 5 - Recommendations that all Women of Childbearing Age Consume 0.4 mg (400 micrograms) of Folic Acid Daily (PDF)
August 29 - Updated CDC guidance related to Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) (PDF)
August 7
- Guidelines for Evaluation of US Patients Suspected of having Ebola Virus Disease
June 3 -Guidance to US Clinicians re new WHO Requirements for Polio vaccination for Travel (PDF)
February 6 - Suspect Meningococcal Disease in a School, Clark County (PDF)
February 4 - Shigellosis in a Pre-School in Clark County (PDF)


December 4 - Potential measles exposure (PDF)
November 28 - Potential measles exposure (PDF)
October 8 - Acute Hepatitis Failure and Liver Failure following use of Dietary Supplement (PDF)
August 23 - Measles Exposure (PDF)
June 17 - National Doxycycline Shortage (PDF)
June 4 - UPDATED: Hepatitis A Outbreak Post Exposure Prophylaxis Recommendations (PDF)
June 3 - Hepatitis A outbreak (PDF)
May 4 - Novel Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus (PDF)
March 28 - New ACIP recommendation: Tdap for ALL pregnant women (PDF)
March 12 - Routine HIV testing essential to reducing HIV transmission
Providers are not responsible for pre- and post-test counseling
February 8 - Influenza outbreak in an assisted living facility (PDF)
January 7 - Updated CDC recommendations for screening patients for Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection (PDF)

October 26 - E. coli 0157:H7 Infection In Patrons of “Willow Grove Gardens” (PDF)
October 18 - Fungal Meningitis and Joint Infections Outbreak Update (PDF)
October 10 - Multistate Outbreak of Meningitis and Stroke (PDF)
October 9 - Update to October 5 advisory on Salmonella in patrons of “On the Border” restaurant in Vancouver (PDF)
October 5 - Salmonella in Patrons of “On the Border” Restaurant in Vancouver, WA (PDF)
August 17 - Oral Cephalosporins no longer a recommended treatment for Gonococcal infections (PDF)
August 3 - Increase in Influenza A H3N2v virus infections in three U.S. states (PDF)
July 25 - Shigellosis investigation in Clark County (PDF)
June 19 - Syphilis infection increases (PDF)
May 17 - Providers asked to administer back-to-school vaccinations by July 1 this year (PDF)
May 15 - People with pertussis are infectious until they have completed 5 days of antibiotics (PDF)
April 13 - Shigellosis investigation in Clark County (PDF)
April 3 - Epidemic levels of Pertussis in Washington State (PDF)
March 14 - Possible exposure to measles at Open Source Technology Summit, Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington, March 6-9 (PDF)
February 3 - Pertussis exposure (PDF)

September 2 - Pertussis exposure (PDF)
July 22 - Animal bite reporting (PDF)
June 17 - Changes to school and child care immunization exemptions (PDF)
June 3 - Shiga Toxin-producing E. coli O104 (STEC O104:H4) infections in U.S. travelers returning from Germany (PDF)
May 25 - Pertussis exposure in a school-aged child (PDF)
May 23 - The FDA is advising not to feed SimplyThick, a
thickening product, to premature infants
May 13 - Pertussis exposure in a school-aged child (PDF)
April 4 - Listeria contamination in local delicatessen (PDF)
March 31 - Cowlitz County Hepatitis B Outbreak (PDF) - The purpose of this advisory is information only. You do not need to take specific action.
March 3 - Measles exosure (PDF)
February 11 - Changes to Washington's notifiable conditions rules (PDF)

December 10 - Active Tuberculosis in local healthcare worker (PDF)
November 1 - STI and HIV testing survey advisory (PDF). This advisory contains the following:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infection / HIV Co-infection Update
  • HIV testing survey for providers

October 21 - Influenza season advisory (PDF). This advisory contains the following:

  • County contact information and websites
  • Influenza epidemiology update
  • Influenza reporting requirements
  • Influenza testing available at Washington Public Health Laboratories
  • Influenza vaccination recommendations

September 3 - Pertusis update (PDF)
August 5 - Child with E.coli prompts push to protect others
Health officials, Lake Shore Athletic Club urge check for symptoms
July 23 - Dengue infection increases among people traveling to tropical areas (PDF)
July 7 - Pediatric Tuberculosis outbreak in Moldovan church congregation (PDF)
June 25 - Returning unused H1N1 vaccine and antivirals and June 24 expiration of the FDA’s H1N1 Emergency Use Authorization (PDF)
June 1 - Healthcare professionals warned not to use certain intravenous Metronidazole, Ondansetron, and Ciprofloxacin due to potential contamination (PDF)
May 14 - Pertussis activity in Cowlitz County (PDF)
May 13 - Potential for Q Fever Infection among travelers returning from Iraq and the Netherlands (PDF)
April 27 - Potential for Dengue Infection Among Relief Workers Returning from Haiti (PDF)
March 23 - Update on Mercury (Thimerosal) limits suspension for H1N1 Vaccine (PDF)
March 22 - Recommendation to temporarily suspend usage of GlaxoSmithKline Rotarix (Rotavirus) Vaccine (PDF)
February 8 - Patients may be receiving contraceptives through participation in the Oregon Health & Science University Nurse Family Partnership Contraceptive Study (PDF)
February 2 - This health advisory (PDF) includes information about the:

  • Non-safety related voluntary recalls of certain lots of Sanofi Pasteur H1N1 Pediatric (0.25 mL, for 6-35 month olds) vaccine and one lot of Sanofi Pasteur H1N1 vaccine for older children and adults (0.5 mL) in single-dose pre-filled syringes
  • Acyclovir shortage
  • Reinstatement of universal purchase of all childhood vaccines in Washington

January 15 - National Influenza Vaccination Week highlights importance of ongoing vaccination (PDF)
January 11 - Washington Administrative Code (WAC) changes affecting provider care for HIV/AIDS in 2010 (PDF)


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