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Preventing adverse childhood experiences
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Community health
Preventing adverse childhood experiences
What's being done locally to prevent adverse childhood experiences and promote resiliency? This 4-minute video includes interviews with local experts.

Adverse childhood experiences, commonly called ACES, can have lasting health impacts. Children who are subjected to abuse, violence, deprivation, hunger, or other traumatic experiences can carry the scars with them over a lifetime.

Sixty-two percent of Washington adults report one or more adverse childhood experiences. We know that the more ACES a person experiences, the greater his or her risk is for alcoholism, teen pregnancy, poverty, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, divorce, HIV infection, mental illness, and many other conditions. That’s why Clark County Public Health, the Public Health Advisory Council, and other organizations in Clark County are working to prevent ACES, promote awareness of the problem, and find community solutions. The earlier we can address ACES in individuals, the better our chances are of promoting healing and resilience.



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