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Public Health
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Healthy eating and active living
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Community health
Healthy eating and active living

Public Health is working in our neighborhoods and communities to promote healthier choices and give all residents a better chance for a healthy lifestyle.

Improving access to healthy food

People who lack access to healthy food are at greater risk of obesity and obesity-related diseases. Many low-income residents in Clark County live far from grocery stores or lack adequate transportation; they often rely on convenience stores or fast food restaurants for food. Low-income and minority populations in Clark County have higher obesity rates, lower rates of fruit and vegetable consumption and higher rates of youth consumption of sweetened beverages.

Here are some ways we’re working to improve access to healthy food:

  • Breastfeeding in the workplace - Resources for employers who wish to provide a supportive environment for breastfeeding employees, comply with the new Fair Labor Standards Act, and get recognition for having a breastfeeding-friendly workplace.
  • Healthy neighborhood restaurants - Public Health is working with restaurant owners and community partners to create a healthy restaurant program that promotes healthier dining options.
  • Healthy neighborhood stores - Local grocers are signing up for the healthy neighborhood stores program and increasing healthy food options, including fresh produce.
  • SNAP at farmers markets - Three Clark County Farmers Markets now accept SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps). And a new Fresh Match Program is providing matching funds to SNAP users to purchase more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Supporting physical activity

Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day for good health but only a small percentage of youth meet this daily goal. Thirty years ago, almost half of school age children walked or biked to school. Today only a small percentage of children do. Creating conditions where children can safely walk and bike is one way to make sure kids get the daily physical activity they need to be healthy.

Here are some ways we’re promoting physical activity for children:

  • Let’s Move! - Everyone has a role to play in reducing childhood obesity, including parents, elected officials, schools, health care professionals, faith-based and community-based organizations, and private sector companies. Learn about our community success stories.
  • Safe routes to school - Schools and community partners are helping children walk and bike to school safely, reduce congestion around schools, and improve air quality.
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