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Each year, 1 in 6 Americans become sick from contaminated foods or beverages, often from food that is prepared in an unsafe manner. Foodborne illness (sometimes called food poisoning) is commonly caused by disease-causing microbes that contaminate foods. Poisonous chemicals or other harmful substances can also cause foodborne illness if they are present in food.

Reporting a foodborne illness

To report a suspected foodborne illness or file a complaint about unsafe food handling practices at a restaurant, call (360) 397-8083 or use our online form.

Private Community Events                                                            Safe food handling is always important.  Click here for food safety practices to include in at every food-sharing gathering. 

Raw milk

More Americans are choosing to shop locally and take advantage of farm fresh products. This is a positive trend toward eating more healthfully. However, buying unpasteurized or “raw” milk should not be confused with consuming healthier foods. In fact, raw milk and raw milk products can pose considerable risks and can cause severe illness, even death. Children are especially vulnerable. Any perceived health benefits from drinking raw milk are far outweighed by the risks.
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Watch real stories of the dangers of raw milk >

Selling raw milk

Although it is legal to sell raw milk in Clark County, vendors wishing to sell raw milk at farmers markets are required to post signage that contains the following language:

"WARNING: Raw milk or foods prepared from raw milk may be contaminated with dangerous bacteria capable of causing severe illness. Contact your local health agency for advice or to report a suspected illness."

News and alerts

Washington State Food Rule
Highlights of the changes and additions to the Washington State Food Rule (PDF)

Cottage Food Operations law
The new Cottage Food Operations law allows people to make certain foods (e.g. jams, jellies and baked goods) in their home kitchens and sell directly to consumers. These operations will be licensed and inspected by the state department of agriculture (WSDA).

Be wary of unauthorized online food worker training programs
The only site approved for online food worker testing in Washington State is Two websites that do not qualify as state approved are and

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