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Insured family
Insurance - low and no cost
Adults and families

Adults and families may be able to get low or no-cost health insurance through the following medical programs:
- Washington Health Plan.
- Medicaid.
- Medicaid - Family Planning Only "Take Charge".
- One of Washington’s other medical programs.

Washington Health Plan

You and your family, as Washington residents, may qualify for the Washington Health Program. This unique program offers either $75,000 or $100,000 in health insurance coverage every year. Members maintain low deductibles and, at times, no-cost coverage for basic health services. This provides coverage for those unexpected trips to the hospital. In most cases, $75,000 or $100,000 is plenty of coverage throughout the year.  Visit the Washington Health Plan to find out if you qualify.


Medicaid provides no-cost health insurance for eligible children, pregnant women, low-income families, elderly, and blind or disabled individuals. Medicaid has two programs - Family Medical and Family Planning Only (“Take Charge”).

Family Medical

Family Planning Only ("Take Charge"):

The Family Planning Program assists low income women and men avoid an unintended pregnancy by offering birth control methods, medical exams, and counseling services related to decisions about when or if to have children.

  • Find out if you qualify
    Find your income and family size on the following chart. If your monthly income is below or near the amount on the following chart, you may be able to get Family Planning Only services.

Household size

Approximate income per month

1 in family










More than 5

Add $624 for each additional family member

Income levels valid through March 2010


  • Apply for benefits
    To apply for Family Planning Only “Take Charge” call or visit one of the following clinics:

Other low-cost resources programs

Washington State has additional medical programs for refugees and non-US citizens, medical needy, long-term care, Medicare cost sharing, general assistance, and workers with disabilities. You can find out if you are eligible for a medical program online or by calling DSHS Customer Service Center toll free at (877) 980-9180.

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