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Vancouver Lake recreational advisory lifted


Alan Melnick, Clark County Health Officer, Public Health
Phone: (360) 397-8412

Clark County Public Health has lifted a health advisory for recreational use of Vancouver Lake after inspections of the water and lab results indicate cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) is no longer a threat to the health of people and pets.

“Even though it’s late in the season, we are pleased to announce that the lake is again open for swimming and other recreational uses,” said Dr. Alan Melnick, Clark County Health Officer, who cautioned that people should be observant and avoid any pockets of the lake that might have a scummy texture and a green, bluish, brownish, or reddish-green color.

Algae blooms are often caused by warm, sunny weather and the presence of nutrients such as fertilizers and agricultural, human, and animal waste. For more information about algae blooms and the status of beaches in Clark County, visit the Clark County Public Health website.

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