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Drinking Water and wells
Group B Public Drinking Water Systems

Group B Public Drinking Water systems provide water to more than 93,000 people in Clark County. Group B Public Drinking Water systems may meet any of the following criteria:

  • Serves between 3-14 residential connections on separate parcels and less than 25 individuals per day.
  • Non-residential to less than 25 people per day (i.e. childcare centers, small businesses, places of worship, etc.)

Group B Ordinance Development

Group B Public Drinking Water System Approval

A Water Availability and Verification Evaluation for Group B water systems may be required before Clark County Community Development will issue building permits. 

How to apply

Applicants are responsible for collecting water samples for analysis by a Washington State Certified Laboratory. In addition to the water analysis requirements for two connection Group B water systems, systems with 3 or more connections must also conduct a complete inorganic chemical and physical analysis of primary and secondary chemical and physical standards.

Responsibilities of Group B system operators

Group B Public Drinking Water systems are owner operated and monitored by Public Health. Monitoring is required to guarantee clean, safe water for all well users.  System operators are responsible for water quality analysis. Bacteria analysis must be completed annually in addition to a nitrate analysis every 3 years. Sanitary surveys of water systems are periodically conducted by our staff. System operators must allow access to the well head and all water system components.

Helpful tips for Group B water system owners

Emergency information – Have the phone numbers of service providers on hand, including your plumber, electrician, laboratory, and well driller, as well as the addresses and phone numbers for each connection. Common emergencies include power outages, equipment or well problems, water line breaks, and low water pressure.

System inventory – Know your system components.

  • Well - Depth, location, pump size
  • Pressure tank - Number, size, pressure range
  • Storage - Location, size, type
  • Booster pump - Number, type, size
  • Treatment - Type, reason for treatment
  • Distribution - Size, type, shut-offs, maps

Operation and maintenance – Know how your system operates.  It may be helpful to create a flow chart similar to these examples:

  • Well =>Pressure Tank => Distribution
  • Well =>Pressure Tank => Treatment => Distribution
  • Well =>Storage Tank => Booster Pump => Distribution

Common maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning the pump house and keeping it free of hazardous materials.
  • Verifying pressure tanks are operating properly.
  • Checking the water source for openings and leaks.   

Budgeting – Water systems require maintenance and upkeep to continually provide safe water.  Be sure to include account testing, permit, electricity, maintenance, and repair fees in your annual budget.

Recordkeeping – You are required to keep a record of your water  sample results, pump house schematic, distribution map, well log report, covenants, well user’s agreements, and water rights.  Regulation requires Group B records be kept for varying amounts of time. Washington Administrative Code 246-291-260 lists recordkeeping and reporting requirements.


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