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View your drinking water information online
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Drinking Water and wells
View your drinking water information online

You can:

  • Look up whether or not you have a documented drinking water system.
  • View well tag, depth, and system classification information, if available.

When you click on the link in step 1, it will open up another window that displays the Maps Online Web site. This will allow you to quickly click from one window to the other so that you can follow the directions below.

Enter this:

See this:

1. Go to Maps Online.

Maps Online home page.

2. Under "Property Address Search" enter the numbers of the street address and click "Go".

A list of addresses.

3. Select and click on address from list.

Address on left, parcel on right.

4. Click on the icon to display map themes. Map layers icon

Themes on left, parcels on right.

5. Click on Environmental Public Health.

Water wells icons

6. On left is a check next to the Identify icon followed by the word "'water wells". Click on the Identify icon and then click over your parcel.

If information is available, it will appear on the left.



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