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Public Works

About Public Works


Public Works is divided into seven divisions, each overseen by a manager who reports to Public Works Director Heath Henderson. These divisions work closely together and sometimes with other county departments and outside agencies to provide services and build projects for the public.

Public Works also has two other programs that support all seven divisions:

Administration and Finance, Lori Pearce, manager

  • Administration: Oversees central correspondence files, mail handling, digital imaging services, motor pool, supplies, equipment checkout and miscellaneous services.
  • Tecnology: Provides a wide range of technology to make Public Works more efficient. Develops and implements the technology plan to include architecture, hardware and software requirements. Manages niche software applications. Evaluates new purchases, installs, debugs, interfaces with vendors, maintains accountability, and manages the niche software library.
  • Budget: Responsible for developing, submitting and maintaining the budget for Public Works, including budget monitoring, preparing supplemental and readoption budget submissions, and writing reports.
  • Customer Service: Supports the entire department through the customer service desk at 78th Street Operations Center. Provides additional customer service support through the reception desk on the fourth floor of the Public Service Center.
  • Finance: Responsible for all financial matters, including accounting, financial reporting, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. This responsibility encompasses roughly 40 different funds spanning road construction, preservation and maintenance to sewage treatment.

Development Engineering, Greg Shafer, manager
Ensures development in unincorporated Clark County are designed and constructed to meet county code. Reviews and inspects a variety of projects, including residential short plats and subdivisions, commercial site plans, and non-profit projects, such as schools and churches. Technical focus is civil engineering, with an emphasis on transportation and stormwater infrastructure. Special critical area reviews are also performed for floodplains, critical aquifer recharge areas, and geohazardous site conditions.

Engineering and Construction, Tom Grange, manager

  • Construction Management: Develops and administers contracts for construction of capital improvements for Public Works and check plans for constructability. A project engineer is assigned to follow the project through the bidding process, prepare a post-bid analysis, conduct meetings prior to and after award of a construction contract, inspect projects throughout construction, authorize payments to contractors, accept finished projects for the county, inspect and monitor bridges on an annual basis, and develop “as built” plans for completed projects.
  • Design: Performs engineering design work for county capital improvements, primarily roads. Engineers and designs roadway improvements and creates plans, specifications and estimates for the project, which are then sent to Construction Management for contracting and construction. Specific elements of the design process include: setting up base maps and base topography information; creating digital terrain models; designing the roadway alignment and profile; pavement design; creating roadway cross sections; drainage and stormwater management; retaining wall design; erosion control; utility conflict resolution; project specifications; construction notes; cost estimates; and construction grade sheets.
  • Project Management: Responsible for the successful implementation of the Capital Improvement Program, from inception to closeout. Project Management's responsibilities include delivering work products on time and within budget.
  • Real Property Services: Acquisition of property for Public Works, clean water and parks projects. Additional duties include right-of-way research for the public, county departments and cities within Clark County; answering questions about property ownership, property boundaries and easements; answering inquiries about future road projects and effects on property owners; managing Public Works properties and tax foreclosure properties; and disposing of surplus county-owned properties.
  • Survey: Provides survey services to Public Works and other county departments as requested. Maintains survey monuments within county right of way and vertical and horizontal control networks. Reviews, indexes and stores all recorded surveys, subdivisions (plats and short plats) and the County Engineer’s road records. The office also records surveys, land corner records and affidavits of correction for surveys. This recordkeeping is mandated by state law.

Fleet and Facilities, Scott Rood, manager

  • Fleet: Purchase and dispose of county vehicles and heavy equipment. Maintain and monitor fuel sites with approximately 15,000 gallons of fuel a week. Oversee equipment parts section. Develop rental rates, write specifications for equipment services and other departments. Review work performed by Clark County shops on vehicles and equipment.
  • Equipment Repair/Shops: Responsible for repair and maintenance of all vehicles and equipment belonging to Clark County.

Parks, Bill Bjerke, manager
Responsible for grounds maintenance, operations, scheduling, and custodial maintenance for county parks and facilities, including Greater Clark Parks District facilities. Landscape and grounds maintenance for county's downtown campus.

Road Maintenance and Wastewater, Sue Stepan, manager

  • Asphalt/National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES):
    • Oversee asphalt work - patching, prelevels, and crackfilling.
    • Neighborhood and arterial street sweeping, drainage maintenance - cleaning and repairing catch basins, manholes, drywells, and storm pipes.
    • Stormwater treatment facility maintenance - Mowing and repairing ponds, swales, filter vaults, compliance monitoring, and private stormwater treatment facility compliance inspection.
    • Small construction projects - stormwater treatment facilities retrofits, and drainage infrastructure.
  • Project Management/Safety: Oversee all county-owned rock pits (Finn Hill, Maple, Livingston, Whatley, English), the Whatley Pit decant facility (recycling Vactor waste and street sweepings), county railroad maintenance, safety, and various facility projects.
  • Rural Road Maintenance: Responsible for maintenance of county road right of way in rural areas. Duties include pothole patching, gravel road grading, clearing catch basins and culverts, sidewalk maintenance, snow plowing, sanding, anti-icing, roadside mowing, debris pickup, brush cutting and other types of vegetation control. Includes maintenance sheds at Daybreak, Maple and Finn Hill.
  • Salmon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant: Treats wastewater from two wholesale customers, Clark Regional Wastewater District and the city of Battle Ground. The facilities consist of regional interceptor lines, the 36th Avenue pump station and the treatment plant itself (15100 NW McCann Road), along with the biosolids program and the outfall discharge line to the Columbia River.
  • Specialty Services: Installation, maintenance and fabrication of all types of signs on county rights of way, including temporary signs. Maintenance and repair of traffic signals, railroad signals, school flashers and some street lights. Pavement markings including long line striping, installation and maintenance of school crossings, pedestrian crossings, railroad crossings, bike lanes, speed bumps, arrows and raised pavement markings (buttons). Maintenance and repair of bridges, guard rails and permanent barricades and placement and maintenance of Jersey barriers and fish culverts.
  • Urban Road Maintenance: Responsible for maintenance of county road right of way. Duties include pothole patching, gravel road grading, clearing catch basins and culverts, sidewalk maintenance, snow plowing, sanding, anti-icing, roadside mowing, debris pickup, brush cutting and other types of vegetation control. Directs small construction projects (walkways, road improvements, etc.). Includes maintenance sheds at Salmon Creek, Mabry and Washougal.

Transportation, Carolyn Heniges, manager

  • Capital Programming: Responsible for the Six Year Transportation Improvement Program and project grants administration. Also responsible for the programming of clean water and Greater Clark Parks District projects.
  • Concurrency Program: Responsible for safety management and traffic mobility, including review and evaluation of offsite transportation impacts of proposed developments. Proposes policy for the county's traffic impact fee program and developer agreements.
  • Preservation Program: Responsible for road preservation projects, including overlays, surface seals, slide repairs and culvert projects. Maintains pavement management database and analysis program to develop pavement condition index rating. Ensures alignment with the Washington State County Road Administration Board’s “standards of good practice.”
  • Safety and Asset Management: Responsible for the occupational health, safety and accident prevention program and infrastructure asset management for Public Works. Maintains the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification, manages the Whatley Pit recycling facility and oversees American Public Works Association accreditation.
  • Traffic Engineering and Operations: Responsible for roadway system in Clark County. Transportation engineers are the first contact for citizen requests concerning traffic signals, signing, striping, speed limits, parking, guardrails, bikeways, walkways, neighborhood traffic safety or other safety issues. (Road and Parks Maintenance handles roadway repairs.)

Employees Relations, Peggy Muhly, manager

Serves as a liaison to the Clark County Human Resources Department and as an advocate for Public Works employees. Functions as the first step for any human resources action. Assists with union negotiations and other employee issues, including investigations, discipline and corrective action.

Public Information and Outreach, Jeff Mize, manager

Provides residents of Clark County with information and opportunities to participate in public decision making regarding the activities and services of the Public Works Department. Manages publications, public involvement and input, media relations, and educational and outreach programs for all divisions within the department.


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