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Public Works
Six-year construction program
Public involvement
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Six-year construction plan
2013-2018 Projects (funded within six years)

Obligated Projects (not ranked)
Project A NE 119th Street - NE 72nd Avenue to NE 87th Avenue (PDF)
Project B NE 47th Avenue Intersection at NE 78th Street (PDF)
Project C NE 88th Street - NE Highway 99 to NE St. Johns Road (PDF)
Project D NE 94th Avenue - NE Padden Parkway to NE 99th Street (PDF)
Project E Barberton Traffic Signal Optimization - NE 199th Street to NE 88th Street (PDF)
Project F VAST: Hazel Dell/Felida Traffic Signal Optimization - NW Lakeshore Avenue to NE Hazel Dell Avenue (PDF)
Project G VAST: Orchards Traffic Signal Optimization - NE 55th Avenue to NE Ward Road (PDF)
Programmed Projects (ranked)
Project 1 NE 119th Street - NE 50th Avenue to NE 72nd Avenue (PDF)
Project 2 NE Highway 99 - NE 99th Street to NE 119th Street (PDF)
Project 3 NE 10th Avenue - NE 149th Street to NE 154th Street (PDF)
Project 4 NE 10th Avenue - NE 154th Street to NE 164th Street (PDF)
Project 5 NE 99th Street - NE 94th Avenue to NE 117th Avenue (SR-503) (PDF)





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