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Public Works
Eliminate roads
Excavation, fill and stockpile permits
Property acquisition
Residential relocation
Surplus property sales
Surveys, subdivisions, short plats
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Property services

Public Works provides a variety of services related to property.

Eliminate (vacate) roads

Petitioning process to eliminate a public road.

Grading (excavation, fill and stockpile) permits

Required grading (excavation, fill and stockpile) permits to move significant amounts of dirt on your property.

Property acquisition

Process for acquiring private property needed for public road, parks and other construction projects.

Residential relocation program

Assistance and reimbursements may be available for residents required to move because of a construction project.

Rights-of-way information request

Online information requests for answers to common questions about rights-of-way, including fence placement, construction encroaching public right-of-ways, ownership of a parcel and other property issues.

Surplus property sales

Sale of surplus property not needed for roads, parks and other construction projects.

Surveys, subdivisions or short plats

Recording process for records of survey, land corner records, subdivisions or short plats.


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