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Road construction and maintenance
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Mt. Vista Rain Gardens - October 2012 Update
A contractor working for Clark County has completed construction on 15 rain gardens along streets in the Mt. Vista area north of Washington State University Vancouver.

Because the rain gardens are newly planted, the contractor has placed sandbags to divert main storm flows around the rain gardens. This will protect the plants while they establish their roots during the winter. The rain gardens may temporarily fill with water during heavy downpours, but they should drain relatively quickly.

Please do not move the sandbags. If you notice that sandbags have been moved or have disappeared, please contact Ken Lader using the phone number or email address listed below.

Project contacts:
Ken Lader, Design Engineer
(360) 397-6118 ext. 4185

Scot Brantley, Project Manager
(360) 397-6118 ext. 4364

Green Streets Program
In November 2010, Clark County finished its first “Green Street” project by planting thousands of trees, shrubs and grasses along a 20-block section of NE 99th Street, immediately east of NE 117th Avenue/SR 503.

The NE 99th Street project relies on rain gardens to clean stormwater before it slowly soaks into the ground. Using plants is a natural way to treat stormwater pollution, which the Washington Department of Ecology has identified as the state’s No. 1 threat to urban water quality.

Public Works also will use rain gardens in 2011 as part of the Hazel Dell sports fields project, which will be built along the north side of NE 78th Street near NE 30th Avenue.

Pervious paving is another environmentally friendly construction technique that eliminates the need for stormwater ponds or other facilities that collect and treat runoff. Pervious pavement was used on sidewalks as part of the NE 99th Street project,

Public Works also used pervious paving along most of the NE 159th Street walkway between Hockinson Middle School and Hockinson High School. In addition, pervious pavement will be used for almost all of the Park & Ride lot that is being built as part of the Salmon Creek Interchange Project.

Public Works is committed to using environmentally friendly construction where it is technically feasible and financially prudent.

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