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Public Works
Transportation planning
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Sidewalk construction
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Transportation planning

Transportation planning

Sidewalk construction

Sidewalks and other pedestrian facilities increase mobility, improve safety and enhance quality of life for county residents.

Most new sidewalks are constructed as part of larger road projects, park projects and private development. In developed areas, the county’s sidewalk program helps extend existing sidewalks for short distances to fill gaps and make connections to existing sidewalk networks.

Design, right-of-way issues, permits and other preconstruction activities can take a year or more to complete before construction can begin. Sidewalk projects are built using county workers and local contractors.

Since 2007, Public Works has constructed more than 23 miles of sidewalk at a cost of $11.8 million, including sidewalks on large road projects. In established neighborhoods, Clark County’s Sidewalk Program has built 5.97 miles of sidewalk costing $6.6 million.


The sidewalk program is largely funded by the property tax-based County Road Fund, supplemented by occasional state or federal grants. Funding for the program is set during annual updates of Clark County’s Transportation Improvement Program.

Request a project

Sidewalks are among the most frequently requested services by the public. Clark County Public Works received requests for sidewalk projects throughout the year from residents, neighborhood associations, school districts and other organizations.

To request a project, please submit your information using the “Report a road problem” form.

Selection process

Public Works reviews potential locations using a scoring process that includes pedestrian accident history, nearby housing density, road width, speed limit and sight-distance limitations caused by hills and curves. Distance to schools, stores, shopping, medical offices, bus stops and other destinations also are considered.

Top-scoring sidewalks are reviewed for potential conflicts with upcoming county road projects or private development proposals. Technical concerns, such as need for additional right of way, environmental regulations and construction challenges are also examined to determine when walkways will be built.

For more information, review the county’s sidewalk ranking criteria (PDF).

Sidewalk projects

The following is a breakdown of projects planned for the next two years, as well as projects recently completed.


  • 2015 projects (planned)
    • NE Fifth Avenue: NE 110th St to NE 112th Street
    • NE 107th Avenue: Covington Road to NE 76th Street
    • NE 131st Avenue: Fourth Plain Road to NE 76th Street
  • 2014 projects
    • NE Fifth Avenue: NE 110th St to NE 112th Street
    • NW 43rd Avenue: NW McCann Road to the north
    • NE 44th Street: NE St. Johns Road to NE 42nd Avenue
    • NW 68th Street: NW Second Avenue to NW Fourth Avenue
    • NE 110th Street: NE Hazel Dell Avenue to NE Fifth Avenue
    • NE 111th Street: NE Hazel Dell Avenue to NE Fifth Avenue
    • NE Hazel Dell Avenue: NE Alki Road to NE 63rd Street
    • NE Highway 99: NE 102nd Avenue to NE Parkview Drive


  • 2013 projects
    • NE 95th Street: NE 91st Avenue to NE 93rd Place
    • NE 104th Street: NE 23rd Avenue to NE 25th Place
    • Highway 99: NE Parkview Drive to NE 117th Street
  • 2012 projects
    • NE 29th Avenue: NE 148th Street to NE 150th Street
    • NE 50th Avenue: NE LaLonde Drive to NE 101st/102nd Street
    • NE 58th Street: West of NE 75th Avenue
    • NE 72nd Avenue: NE 58th Street to NE 59th Street
    • NE 172nd Avenue: NE 23rd Street to NE 25th Street
  • 2011 projects
    • NE 72nd Avenue: Near NE 65th Street
    • NW/NE 94th Street: NW First Avenue to NE Hazel Dell Avenue
    • NE 94th Avenue: North of NE 70th Street
    • NE 172nd Avenue: North of NE Third Street to Vandervort Neighborhood Park
  • 2010 projects
    • NE 78th Street at Highway 99
    • NE 159th Street: Hockinson High School to Fire District 3 station
  • 2009 projects
    • NE 88th Street, NE St. Johns Road to NE Andresen Road
    • NE 142nd Avenue: Near NE 79th Street
    • NE Hazel Dell Avenue: Three locations, NE 68th Street to NE 76th Street
    • NE Hazel Dell Avenue: Disabled accessible widening near NE 68th Street
    • NE Ward Road at NE 172nd Avenue
  • 2008 projects
    • NE 28th Street: Near NE 182nd Avenue
    • NE 72nd Avenue: NE 88th Street to NE 110th Street
    • NW 116th Way: Near NW 34th Avenue
    • NW 124th Street: NW 33rd Avenue to NW 36th Avenue
    • NW 127th Street: NW 36th Avenue to NW 39th Avenue
    • NW 131st Street: At NW 47th Avenue
    • NE St. Johns Road, NE 50th Avenue to NE72nd Avenue
    • Highway 99 bridge over Salmon Creek
  • 2007 projects
    • NE 12th Avenue: NE 129th Street to NE Tenney Road
    • NE 72nd Avenue: Near NE 73rd Street and to the south
    • NE 104th Street: NE 25th Place to NE 29th Avenue
    • NE 164th Street Walkway
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