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alternatives to pesticides - weeds - horsetail rush

horsetail rush

Horsetail rush

Horsetail rush is an ancient plant that can be attractive in natural settings, but easily becomes a pest in the garden. It spreads by spores or by its root system, which can be as deep as 12’. Its presence indicates that the soil is wet clay, tending to be acidic. Try drying out the area if possible. Or consider planting other water-loving plants, such as rushes and sedges, to add a more natural element to your landscape.

Physical control
Hand pull or hoe out the above ground growth as it appears. Persistence is necessary, but over time, this will deplete its energy reserves and achieve control. When the weed dies down in winter, cover the area with weed barrier cloth and leave in place for two years to prevent weeds from photosynthesizing. Even then, roots may still be able to push up new growth.



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