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alternatives to pesticides - bugs/pests - carpet beetles


                                       carpet beetles
                            Actual size: 1/4” – 3/8”

This small beetle eats articles made of natural fibers, like wool sweaters and cotton or linen apparel.  They leave an unmistakable calling card: their shed skins in the bottom of drawers and holes in articles stored there.

Storage - The most effective control measure is to prevent infestations by storing items in a clean condition; beetle larvae are attracted to soiled areas, especially food stains. Store infrequently used items (that are clean) in well-sealed plastic bags or containers.
Rosemary, Mint, Thyme and Cloves - Sachets made from rosemary, mint, thyme and cloves help repel these pests.
Check cut flowers
- Check cut flowers for adult carpet beetles before you bring them into the house.

Least-toxic chemical control
Boric Acid -
If you discover beetles inside the house, apply boric acid to the areas in which you find them.  Boric Acid is a slow acting, low-toxicity, long-lasting (if kept dry) powder that is effective against ants, cockroaches and other structural pests. It is a digestive and contact poison and is usually applied as a dust. Products often come with a duster-type applicator. It is toxic if ingested, inhaled or comes into contact with abraded or broken skin. It poses a risk to children and pets if they come into contact with it. It is safe to place it in wall voids because it does not evaporate and cannot enter living spaces.


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