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Environmental Services

Recycling, Garbage & Hazardous Waste

Waste Reduction

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Recycling Collection & Disposal

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Recycle A to Z

Recycle products and waste when possible

Choose products that can be recycled. When you have done all you can to avoid generating waste then recycle. Even though the process of producing goods from recycled materials conserves raw materials and consumes less energy; our landfills are filled with many recyclable items. Buy products that can be recycled locally (this website lists the locations for recycling a variety of products and materials).

Select products that are made from recycled materials. Participating in a local recycling program is only part of the recycling process. For recycling to succeed, those products that are made from recycled materials must be purchased and used.

Compost yard trimmings and food scraps. The backyard composting of certain food scraps and yard trimmings can significantly reduce the amount of waste to be landfilled. When properly composted, these wastes can be turned into natural soil additives for use on lawns, in gardens or for potting soil for house plants. Finished compost can improve soil texture, increase the ability of the soil to absorb water, suppress weed growth, decrease erosion, and reduce the need to apply chemical additives. If you have a yard, but are unable to have a compost pile, you can grasscycle. Rather than bagging and landfilling the grass clippings, allow the mown grass to remain on your lawn to decompose, this will return nutrients to the soil. Another alternative is to sign up for a yard debris recycling program.


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