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Rebuilding Center

REBUILDING CENTER (503) 331-1877
3625 N. Mississippi Ave.
Portland, OR 97227

For more information: Rebuilding Center
Corporate Office (503) 331-9291

Open: Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m to 5 p.m

Free Pick-Up Service: The ReBuilding Center offers a free pick-up service for used building materials. To find out if your items qualify for a free pick-up, call the Driving Department at (503)445-1520.


Appliances, Furnaces, Woodstoves: Appliances less than 10 years old (exception - those with full kitchen cabinet set or vintage and in reusable condition); Furnaces less than 10 years old; Woodstoves made post-1986 and DEQ certified (exception: pre-1940 ornate); pellet stoves; Fireplace - covers, screens, tools, manufactured logs and logholders.

Doors: Hollow core doors - pre-hung, unpainted, and in reusable condition. Solid core commercial doors—accepted at staff discretion. Aluminum screen doors with complete frame. Security doors with or without complete frame. Cannot accept doors with: bowing, drastic alterations or need for major repair.

Fencing: Metal fencing - chain link rolled up without debris;  Wooden fencing - without rot and in reusable condition;  Gates; Plastic construction fencing; Wood and metal railings; Pipes and Gutters - plastic and metal pipes and gutters: straight, 5 to 16 feet long, no attached connectors.

Flooring: Carpet Squares - without adhesive; Vinyl Floor Tiles -full boxes, 10 years or newer; Linoleum - larger than 6 ft x6 ft, 10 years or newer; Marmoleum; Tile - whole, no chips or grout, standard Sizes, ceramic 15 sq.ft. or more, (exceptions: decorative, bullnose, specialty), stone tiles; Granite and Marble slabs - 2 ft x 2 ft or larger; Wood Flooring: 2 ft. or longer, denailed and in reusable condition, no glue or mastic; Manufactured Wood Flooring: new in the box, 10 sq. ft. or more.

Glass/Mirrors: Specialty glass accepted at staff's discretion. Mirrors - 10 square feet or smaller without glazing, paint, glue or backing. Straight edges must be taped.

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets: free of damage beyond simple repair. Cabinets with some water damage or missing doors or drawers—accepted at staff discretion. Particleboard cabinets must be in very good, reusable condition.

Lighting: Light Fixtures; Glass shades and globes; Florescent tubes - 4 feet or smaller, residential voltage (ballasts cannot contain PCBs); Commercial current (277) fixtures accepted at staff discretion; Ceiling fans with hanging brackets; Cannot accept: light bulbs.

Lumber, Trim & Siding: Minimum length 4 ft. (unless pressure treated). Pressure treated—min. length 6 ft. and in reusable condition. Lumber with nails—accepted at staff discretion and as space allows, min. length 6 ft. and must be de-nailed enough for safe handling. Cannot accept lumber, trim or siding with: excessively peeling paint, pest infestations, or dry rot.

Mirrors/Glass: Speciality glass accepted at staff's discretion. Mirrors - 10 square feet or smaller without glazing, paint, glue or backing. Straight edges must be taped.

Miscellaneous Accepted Items: Call 503) 331-1877.

Sinks: free of the following: chips, cracks, deep scratches, or severe stains (exceptions: rare or vintage models). Wall mount sinks should include wall bracket, if possible. Odd colors (avocado, mustard, etc.) - accepted at staff discretion.

Toilets: are accepted on a limited basis and at staff discretion. 1.6 or less gallons/flush (exception: pre-1940 models). Clean and complete with lid. (Preferably assembled WITH all hardware. Please be careful to retain hardware when disassembling a toilet, otherwise the toilet may not be reusable.) Odd colors (avocado, mustard, etc.)—accepted at staff discretion. Toilets free of cracks or chips (exception: hairline cracks in vintage porcelain).

Tubs: that are fairly clean: no heavy caulking, glues, etc. Tubs free of the following: chips, peeling finish, deep scratches or severe stains (exception: claw foot tubs).

Windows: Double (thermal) pane vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Thermal pane with seals intact (broken seals or fogging not accepted). Wood frame divided light windows. Single pane wood sash windows—accepted at staff discretion. Fixed windows—accepted at staff discretion. Picture windows up to 32 sq. ft. (>32 sq. ft.—accepted at staff discretion) Cannot accept windows with: crumbling glazing or excessively peeling paint.



Hollow Core Doors (unless pre-hung, unpainted and in reusable condition); Desks (unless solid wood); Office Partitions, Asbestos-Containing Materials: old drop ceiling tiles, floor tiles, fire-rated doors, Some Light Fixtures; Florescent tubes greater than 4 feet ( ballasts not marked “no PCB’s”); Paint; Toxic or Flammable Products; Containers that may have held chemicals; Chemicals of any kind; Batteries; Thermostats containing mercury; smoke detectors; oil tanks; Baseboard Heaters; Heating Ducts - square or with asbestos tape, Vinyl Floor Tiles; Vinyl Siding; Window Coverings: plastic or metal blinds, curtains, drapes, roll-up shades (exception: wooden blinds), curtain rods (exception: wooden curtain rods); Unframed Clear Glass, Mirrors larger than 10 square feet or with without glazing, paint, glue or backing; Fireplace heat blowers; Microwaves.

Services: Deconstruction and recovery services competitive with traditional demolition.

This information was compiled in March 2006 from information provided by each agency or business. Although local government staff has attempted to include as many Clark County recycling listings as possible, these resources should not be viewed as a comprehensive list. Due to space limitations, most businesses located outside of Clark County have not been included.

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Clark County Environmental Services - Recycling and Solid Waste
Peter DuBois, Division Manager

Street Address: 1300 Franklin Street, 1st Floor, Vancouver, WA 98660
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9810, Vancouver, WA 98666-9810
Main phone: (360) 397-2121 | Fax: (360) 397-2062
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