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Solid Waste Advisory Commission

Commission meetings

The Commission meets at 6 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at Clark County Elections, 1408 Franklin St., Vancouver

See below for meeting agendas, minutes and audio files

The Clark County Solid Waste Advisory Commission (SWAC) is a nine-member Commission appointed by the Board of County Commissioners that represents a broad spectrum of the community.

SWAC advises the Board of County Commissioners on solid waste matters including:

  • Assisting in the development of programs and policies concerning solid waste handling and disposal and to review and comment upon proposed rules, policies or ordinances prior to their adoption
  • Assisting and participating in current solid waste planning and development of future solid waste management plans
  • Investigating new developments in solid waste management practices and recommending further investigation or adoption of those practices which will improve solid waste management within Clark County
  • Recommending to the Board of County Commissioners and the Clark County Health Department appropriate and necessary solutions to solid waste problems as may be presented by local citizens, private industry or other bodies or individuals
  • Advising the Clark County Health Department in that agency's evaluation of applications for permits for solid waste handling facilities and disposal sites
  • Advising the Board of County Commissioners or county staff in other specific solid waste matters such as design or siting of solid waste facilities as directed by the Board on a project by project basis
  • Maintaining communications with the citizens represented by each member to further public information and citizen input
  • Encouraging, supporting and promoting the reduction, recovery and reuse of resources contained within solid waste

- Members
- Meetings
- Documents


Name Representing Term Began Term expires
Don Ebbeson, Chair Solid Waste Industry DEC 2004 SEP 30, 2016
Allan Jeska, Vice Chair Public Interest Groups SEP 2011 SEP 30, 2016
TBD County-at-Large   SEP 30, 2018
Brandon Vick Clark County Business JUN 2011 SEP 30, 2018
Rem Wilson Southeast Clark County APR 2013 SEP 30, 2018
Bill Turlay City of Vancouver JAN 2014 SEP 30, 2016
Simone Auger Small Cities & Towns NOV 2014 SEP 30, 2017
Steven Willis North Clark County NOV 2014 SEP 30, 2017
Stephen Schrag Southwest Clark County DEC 2014 SEP 30, 2016


All documents are PDF files unless otherwise noted.


Date Agendas, minutes and related documents Audio files
November Agenda  
October Minutes Audio (MP3 131 MB)
September Minutes Audio (MP3 149 MB)
August Minutes Audio (MP3 217 MB)
July No meeting -----
June Minutes Audio (MP3 165 MB)
May Minutes Audio (MP3 150 MB)
April Minutes Audio (MP3 122 MB)
March Minutes Audio (MP3 122 MB)
February Minutes Audio (MP3 136 MB)
January No meeting -----


Date Agendas, minutes and related documents Audio files
December Minutes Audio (MP3 118 MB)
November Minutes Audio (MP3 125 MB)
October Minutes Audio (MP3 176 MB)
September Minutes Audio (MP3 106.7 MB)
August No meeting -----
July No meeting -----
June Minutes Audio (MP3 11.8 MB)
May Minutes Audio (MP3 148.6 MB)
April Minutes Audio (MP3 164 MB)
March Minutes Audio (MP3 137 MB)
February No meeting due to inclement weather -----
January No meeting -----


Date Audio files
December 5 Audio (MP3 118MB)
November 7 Audio (MP3 115MB)
October 3 Audio (MP3 159MB)
September 5 Audio (MP3 113MB)
August 1 Audio (MP3 130MB)
July No meeting
June 6 Audio (MP3 145MB)
May 2 No audio
April 4 No audio
March 7 No audio
February 7 No audio
January No meeting


Clark County Environmental Services - Recycling and Solid Waste
Peter DuBois, Division Manager

Street Address: 1300 Franklin Street, 1st Floor, Vancouver, WA 98660
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9810, Vancouver, WA 98666-9810
Main phone: (360) 397-2121 | Fax: (360) 397-2062
Relay 711 or (800) 833-6384

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