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Residential Recycling Service


Curbside recycling service is available to all residents of Clark County. In some cities and urban growth areas, curbside recycling is mandatory. Recycling is picked up on the same day as garbage (self-haul garbage customers are given a recycling schedule). blue cartResidents are assigned a pick-up day when they sign up for garbage service.  Clark County residents have blue recycling carts for most recyclable materials and a separate bin for glass.  

How does the recycling work?

Watch a video to learn how they are sorted and processed into new materials.

Why can't I recycle plastic bags in my cart?


Curbside Recycling Instructions blue recycling cart
For printable instructions, download the Recycling Refresher.
metal cansfoil


yes check

Clean metal cans and
metal lids,
Clean foil, pie plates & trays,
Empty aerosol cans,
Other small metal items


no sign

NO Food or liquid,
hazardous chemical containers


mixed paperrecyclable paper and boxes




yes check

phone books,
Magazines, catalogs,
Milk & juice cartons, drink boxes,
Cereal & shoe boxes,
Corrugated cardboard,
paper bags,
Mail & Envelopes,
Office paper (staples and paper clips - OK)



no sign

NO Food soiled paper, napkins, paper towels,
Paper cups, paper plates
Plastic bags or rubber bands



plastic bottles

yes check

Plastic bottles,
Plastic tubs,
Nursery pots,
Plastic buckets (5 gal or less)

no sign

NO Plastic lids,
Plastic bags, wrap
Block foam





recycling near the cart
glass bin
glass bottles and jars
yes check
In the GLASS ONLY bin

Glass bottles and Jars

no sign

NO Broken glass, lids, light bulbs, drinking glasses


antifreeze and oilbatteries

yes checkOn the side

Motor oil and antifreeze - must be in a clear one-gallon container with a screw-on top.

Household batteries should be placed in a clear plastic bag and on top of the cart.

More Frequently Asked Questions answered here.

How do I know who my recycling service provider is?

In all areas of Clark County except the greater Woodland area, contact Waste Connections, Inc. (360) 892-5370 or email

If you live within the Woodland area, you may contact Waste Control at (360) 225-7808.

Can I self-haul my own recycling?

Yes. All transfer stations will accept your self-hauled recyclables. West Van Materials Recovery Center offers a buy back program for some recyclable commodities. Please call (360) 737-1727 for specific information on the types of commodities accepted, minimum quantities to qualify, material preparation requirements and current buy back rates.

What am I allowed to self-haul?

Items accepted are:

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Mixed waste paper
  • Empty aerosol cans/tin cans
  • Aluminum cans
  • Scrap metal
  • Glass (sort by color)
  • Milk jugs
  • Plastic bottles
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Antifreeze
  • Motor oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Auto Batteries
  • Household batteries

Items accepted for a fee:

  • Yard debris
  • Clean wood
  • Sheet rock
  • Appliances

Help a neighbor and the environment too.
Heading to the transfer station with recycling or household hazardous waste?  Good job! That is a great way to help the environment; but it could even be better if you saved someone else a trip. Check with your neighbors (especially  those  who  may be elderly or have a disability) to see if they also have some recycling or household hazardous waste that you could take.  For information about FREE household hazardous waste disposal visit Household Hazardous Waste

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