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Welcome to Earth SAVER
Earth SAVERWe warmly welcome you to Earth SAVER, an environmental education curriculum designed for middle school students in Clark County. Many of you have participated in the Earth SAVER program in past years and we welcome you back once again. You provide a strong foundation and we appreciate your commitment over the years. We also welcome new teachers who are investing in the program for the first time. Your enthusiasm allows Earth SAVER to expand and reach more students each year. Earth SAVER continues to grow and change, but the mission of the program remains the same:

Our mission
To encourage middle school students to conserve and protect the earth's natural resources through increased awareness of the resources that we use every day.

You carry the legacy
We hope you enjoy the Earth SAVER program and thank each of you for participating. You are making a difference by saving your school money and resources.Clark County would like to acknowledge each of you for teaching your students an ethic of resource conservation and environmental stewardship. As teachers in our community, you carry the legacy of Earth SAVER and inspire the next generation with this mission.

Clark County thanks all of you
Thanks for acknowledging the importance of these programs by taking the time to include Earth SAVER in your busy schedules. Clark County would like to reward your school for making an effort to conserve and protect the earth's natural resources that our community shares. Incorporating environmental education programs like Earth SAVER into your school's existing curriculum is essential in promoting ecological stewardship and responsibility. If teachers at your school meet the program requirements, your school will receive a waiver on its stormwater fee and iron-on patches for each participating student.

Please use the list below to navigate the Earth SAVER site:
Earth SAVER Home
A Step by Step Guide
Earth SAVER Curriculum
Student Surveys
Behind the Scenes

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