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A Step by Step Guide

The following guide will walk you through the steps of the Earth SAVER program, taking you from setup and planning to evaluation and crediting. Please contact the Earth SAVER administrator if you have any further questions.

(1) Planning
(2) Registration

(3) Scheduling
(4) Curriculum Review
(5) Student Preparation
(6) Presentations
(7) Evaluation
(8) Crediting


The Earth SAVER program is intended to be followed by all science teachers in a designated grade within your school. This allows for easier coordination among schools and more effective scheduling of field trips and guest presenters. In order for your school to be considered for the stormwater fee waiver, your school must fulfill the program requirements. It is important to understand these requirements and to meet with other science teachers to discuss scheduling. Your school may choose to present all 3 units of the curriculum in the same month or to schedule these units over the course of the year.


Once your school has decided which month or months work best, you may designate a lead teacher to register your school Please fill out the registration form and submit it to the Earth SAVER administrator (further instruction provided) so we know when your school will be covering each unit of the curriculum and if you will be requesting assistance. This information is a necessary part of ensuring that your school will receive full credit for program participation.


Lining up a schedule early in the school year is strongly encouraged, as there are a limited number of dates that each guest presenter can schedule a field trip, classroom activity or presentation. Early scheduling is especially critical if you wish to present all 3 units in the same month. You are responsible for presenting any units that you do not schedule assistance with. If you elect to have a guest presenter(s) or to take a field trip, the lead teacher at your school must contact those individuals for further scheduling.


Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the content of the Earth SAVER curriculum. The curriculum contains everything you will need to teach the program. Background text, student questions and a variety of activities are included in each unit. Materials to assist with presenting the activities are also provided to go along with the curriculum.


Before beginning any of the 3 units or the Introductory unit, students should complete the Pre-Curriculum Student Surveys to assess what they already know about natural resource use. Please hold these forms until all three units have been completed. After you have completed the program, these forms must be submitted to the County for crediting.


After the Pre-Curriculum Surveys have been completed, each teacher should present the Introductory unit in the beginning of the curriculum to get students familiar with the basic concepts of natural resource use. If you choose to teach the Earth SAVER program or parts of the program yourself, the curriculum will be your guide for presenting the units and activities to students. If you do choose to request assistance, guest presenters are prepared to present materials and guide activities.


After you complete each unit, students should answer the Post-Curriculum Survey (see page 2 of the PDF)questions for that unit. Be sure to keep each student's Pre- and Post Curriculum surveys together if they are not printed double sided. When the entire curriculum is completed please mark answers as correct or incorrect to evaluate student performance. To be consistent with other schools, please count each correct answer as one point and record scores on the Participation Documentation sheet.


After all teachers have completed and scored Pre- and Post Curriculum Surveys, please send them along with the Earth SAVER Participation Documentation sheet via snail mail to the Earth SAVER administrator at Clark County. After this documentation is received students at your school will receive Earth SAVER iron-on patches and your stormwater fee will be waived for the year.

Please use the list below to navigate the Earth SAVER site:

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