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Behind the Scenes

Background Information
Stormwater Fee Waiver
Program Requirements


The Earth SAVER program provides a unique opportunity for teachers and other professionals in the community to come together and make a difference. Earth SAVER stands for Students Auditing and Verifying Efficient Resource use. The program encourages students to take a hands on approach and use critical thinking skills to assess their daily use of natural resources. Earth SAVER staff working at Clark County, as well as experts from local utility companies and agencies who provide energy, water and waste management services may be available to assist teachers with Earth SAVER presentations and activities during the school year.


Stormwater fees are collected from public and private businesses in Clark County to compensate for the large amounts of stormwater that typically run off of these properties. Fees are calculated by taking an aerial photograph of the area and measuring the amount of impervious surface present on a piece of property. Impervious surfaces at a school may include the school's roof, parking lots, basketball courts and tracks. The more hard surface a property has, the greater the stormwater fee will be.

Impervious surface affects the water quality of local streams, rivers and lakes because the water that runs off of these surfaces is channeled through storm drains that lead directly to natural water ways. Stormwater often carries with it pollutants such as motor oil, fertilizers, soaps, eroded soil and litter. Clark County initiated the Earth SAVER program in middle schools throughout the county to educate students about water quality and other types of environmental stewardship. Schools who participate in the program will receive a waiver on their stormwater fee.


In order to recieve credit by Clark County for completing the Earth SAVER program, the following requirements must be met. Fulfilling these requirements will ensure that your school receives a waiver on the stormwater fee for the year of participation.

75% of the students in the targeted grade must participate in the program

2) The Introduction unit and activity must be presented to students by teachers

All 3 lesson units, Material, Water and Energy Resources must be presented

A minimum of 3 activities, each from a different lesson unit must be presented

5) Pre- and Post-Curriculum Surveys must be returned with the documentation sheet 

Please use the list below to navigate the Earth SAVER site:

Earth SAVER Home
A Step by Step Guide
Earth SAVER Curriculum
Student Surveys
Contact Information
Behind the Scenes

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