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Home Composting

Compost Happens!hands full of compost
Nature recycles dead organic material by breaking it down, with the help of microorganisms and invertebrate decomposers, into a soil enriching amendment called compost. Compost is made whether or not we are involved in the process, but there are things we can do to ensure it happens rapidly and without odors.


For more information, check out any of our leaflets listed below or contact the Master Composter/Recycler Office at 360-882-0936 ext 224. Or, you can call the Solid Waste office at 360-397-6118, ext 4352 for a copy of the Home Composting Guide.

Happy Composting!

Home Composting Guide
The Home Composting Guide provides information on how to turn yard debris and food scraps into compost, soil amendments and mulch easily and effectively at home. Composting is a practical and earth-friendly way to return organic material to the soil.

A full packet includes the following leaflets:

home compostingHome Composting

vermicompostingFood Scraps Composting
Redworm Sources - *Additional Outlet = Ramey Family Farm - 687-7423 - $20 a pound

pet waste disposalPet Waste Disposal


mulching and chippingMulching and Chipping

Portable Holding Unit

Low Cost Wire Mesh Bins

3-bin system3-Bin Turning Unit

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Master Composter/Recycler Program

The Master Composter/Recycler Program, located at 12602 SE Evergreen offers workshops and printed information on the topics of backyard composting, vermicomposting and recycling.

(360) 882-0936 ext 224

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