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Corrections Branch

Corrections Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Clark County Jail, in partnership with our community, to provide safe, secure and constitutional detention facilities in the most respectful, professional and fiscally responsible manner possible.

Jail Command Staff and Sheriff Lucas

Photos left to right: Commander Joe Barnett, Commander Paul Dougher, Sheriff Garry Lucas, Chief Ric Bishop, Commander Kim Beltran, and Commander Mike Anderson.

The Clark County Corrections Branch is responsible for the supervision, custody and care of adult pre-trial and sentenced individuals in two separate detention facilities.  These facilities are both different and distinct in locations and operating philosophy allowing the ability to provide a wide spectrum of services to those housed in the facilities.

The Corrections branch works with members of the community and community agencies, medical and mental providers, and Clark County departments to provide inmate care, treatment, and services while in custody so that individuals may transition back into society at the completion of their jail sentence.

Corrections Staff

Corrections Deputies provide supervision, custody and care of inmates in the Clark County Jail facilities. Duties include booking (facility admissions), searching and releasing prisoners, monitoring jail access, courtroom security, transport of inmates, inmate classification, and work release.  They help in maintaining order in the day to day operation of the jail.  It is not uncommon for staff to physically subdue a violent inmate and a day later try to protect that inmate from harming themselves.  

Corrections staff continues with honor and distinction in their dedication, patience and resourcefulness to operate safe and secure facilities.  By the end of 2009, 32 custody staff positions were cut due to the budget deficit, making their responsibilities and duties very challenging.  Corrections specialized units, inmate programs, specialty courts, and other agency and community partnerships has eased the "do more with less" in daily operations, but the increasingly unpredictable inmate population still presents challenges and strains resources in safety and security of staff, visitors of the facility, inmates and themselves.

Improvements and Changes

In 2004, video arraignment was implemented providing better service to courts and paperwork and reduced inmate movement outside of the jail increasing safety for court personnel and the public.

The Corrections Branch adapts as federal laws and requirements change for jails regarding supervision, custody and care of adult pre-trial and sentenced offenders.  In 2008, the Corrections Branch at the direction of the Sheriff, implemented the following additional education efforts and reporting systems related to the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA): 1) PREA requirements and reporting of incidents were provided to all persons coming into the facilities, 2) inmate education and information posted to avoid victimization, 3) a reporting system utilizing the inmate telephone system, and 4) investigative procedures, report writing and tracking systems were improved.

In 2013, the Corrections Branch embraced a new mission and vision, expanding from incarceration supervision to a broader, corrections-based supervision.  Part of this change in focus is connecting people released from jail with community resources to reduce recidivism and promote healthier outcomes and safer communities in our county.  The Corrections Re-entry Program began in 2014 and has already seen successes. For more information about this new program click on this link to view a video: CCSO Inmate re-entry program


Partnerships with law enforcement agencies, various courts, other branches of the Sheriff's Office, specialized units within the Corrections branch and staff work together to provide safety and security of the facilities for staff, visitors, and individuals in custody. 

One of the partnerships is with the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE).  A satellite office is located in the Main Jail and is staffed by a local agent who facilitates identifying foreign nationals who have violated federal immigration laws.

Out of County Jail Commitments

Persons with jail commitments from other jurisdictions may, under certain circumstances, serve their sentence in other jurisdictions facilities.  The court of originating charges must approve you to serve your sentence in our facility.  Our facility must also approve your request. Your request is approved or denied in accordance to the safety and security of our facility. You must fill out the form, in advance, completely and accurately and return to our facility for approval.  You will be contacted concerning our decision to your request.  If approved, you must be able to pay the per day fee in full and in advance and will be expected to follow all the rules of our facility.

Out of County Sentence Request Form



Clark County Sheriff's Office:
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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 410, Vancouver, WA 98666
Main phone: (360) 397-2211
Telecommunications Relay Service: (800) 833-6388, then call (360) 397-2445
E-mails are monitored: Mon-Fri 8-5 p.m.

Responsible Elected Official: Sheriff Garry E Lucas

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