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Work Release Program

  1. What is the Work Release program?
  2. Work Release Program Requirements
  3. Programs for Offenders
  4. County Offender
  5. State Offender

1. What is the Work Release program?

The Work Release program is a partial confinement program for offenders to continue their employment or transition back into society. The program is a partnership between the Clark County Sheriff's Office and the Washington State Department of Corrections, also referred to as DOC.

Offenders are monitored while out of the facility by a Department of Corrections Officer or a Clark County Custody Officer. Regular visits to each offender's place of employment and random telephone checks with employers and supervisors at the job sites are conducted.

2. Work Release Program Requirements

Offenders are to be drug and alcohol free while in the Work Release program. They are given random urinalysis drug screen tests and Alco-Sensor tests to ensure this.

Restitution and fine payments to the courts are required from offenders in the Work Release program.

Offenders are responsible for the cost of outside medical services, counseling and chemical dependency treatment services or evaluations.

Offenders are assessed a daily room and board fee.

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3. Programs for Offenders

Qualified offenders may participate in the following programs while in Work Release:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • In-patient and out-patient Chemical Dependency treatment
  • Victim Awareness
  • Job hunting
  • Moral Reconation Therapy (M.R.T.)
  • Anger Stress Management
  • Parenting Classes

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4. County Offenders

For Clark County offenders, Work Release is a sentencing alternative which permits qualified offenders to continue their employment while still serving their sentences in a controlled environment.

Local courts refer offenders eligible for the program to Work Release staff for screening.

County Work Release Offender Mail

Work Release county offender mail should be addressed as follows:

Name & CFN #
PO Box 1147
Vancouver, WA 98666

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State Offenders

Work Release prepares State Department of Corrections offenders transition back into the community by obtaining suitable employment and housing prior to the completion of their sentence. Offenders who are in prison, may apply for the Work Release program after they have satisfied a portion of their sentence.

All offenders from the prison system are screened by a local committee comprised of four citizen volunteers as well as representatives from the Vancouver Police Department, Clark County Sheriff's Office, Department of Corrections and the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. The committee reviews each applicant taking into consideration public safety issues and individual offender's needs.

A Department of Corrections employment counselor monitors and assists State offenders while they are seeking employment.

State Work Release Offender Mail

Work Release state offender mail should be addressed as follows:

Name & DOC #
PO Box 61447
Vancouver, WA 98666

If you would like more information, please visit DOC's Web site at

or contact the DOC Supervisor for Clark County Work Release:

Rebecca Anderson
Clark County Work Release (360) 397-2138
Longview Work Release (360) 578-1435
Email: rmanderson@DOC1.WA.GOV

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