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Current Policy

The range fees will no longer be based on the size of the agency. Rather charges will be greater for the larger side with the larger classroom and less for the smaller side with the smaller classroom. Effective July 1, 2003 the range fees will be:

A Side (small, west side)
Small classroom, static targets
0 - 4 hours $ 70.00
4 - 8 hours $ 125.00
8 - 12 hours $ 200.00
B Side (large, east side) Large classroom, turning targets
0 - 4 hours $100.00
4 - 8 hours $200.00
8 - 12 hours $300.00

Reservations may be e-mailed to or by calling (360) 397-2276. As in years past, information regarding range availability may be found on our web site. Please remember that information on this web site regarding range availability is only a guideline. Official range reservations are kept in a logbook in the Clark County Sheriff's Office Training Unit.

Beginning July 1, 2003, the Clark County Sheriff's Office will change the practice of canceling range reservations. If a range reservation is canceled less than three business days prior to the reservation, the reserving organization will be billed for the range time. The billing may be waived if another organization rents the range during the same time.

We are also updating records for the users of the shooting range and providing information for future use of the range. We appreciate your assistance in these matters and will be available to assist you with range issues.


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