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Making Payments of Clark County Real Property Taxes by Mail

First-half taxes are due April 30, and second-half taxes are due October 31 of each year. You may pay the entire amount by April 30.

Follow these steps for submitting payments by  mail:

  • If paying in full, pay only the amount that corresponds to the date (U.S. postmark) that payment is being submitted.
  • You may use one check for multiple accounts.

The following information will help us contact you if there is a question about your payment. Be sure that the face of your check includes your:

  • Name
  • 9-digit Property Account Number (PAN)
  • PAM property location (address, with unit if needed)
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address (if available)

Use the return envelope supplied with your tax bill, or submit your tax payment to:

Clark County Treasurer
PO Box 9808
Vancouver WA 98666-8808

Be sure to write your return address and account number on the envelope that you submit. Send only the tax bill payment coupon with your check, and keep the top portion of the bill for your records.

staple, fold, paperclip, tape, or glue your check or payment coupon.
Never mail cash.

Your canceled check is your receipt. Within a week, verify that your check clears with your bank. In addition, verify the posting of your tax payment at this web site by following the menu beginning at “Property Taxes”, then "Research Real Property". Enter your 9-digit property account number (PAN) OR property address.

Under Washington State law, only U.S. postmarks (not metered dates) may be used to determine whether payments are timely and to determine whether interest and penalties are due.

If you do not have a copy of your tax bill but know the PAN, you may mail the check and enclose a copy of the Property Inquiry Status. Be sure to write your property account number on your check.

Mailed payments may be returned if they lack adequate information for processing, such as the incorrect property account number, incorrect payment amount, etc.

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