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Property Tax Foreclosure Information

Taxes on real property that are three (3) or more years’ delinquent are subject to foreclosure. To redeem the property after foreclosure proceedings begin, all years’ taxes, interest, penalties, recording, and foreclosure costs must be paid (RCW 84.64).

  • Clark County does not issue Tax Lien Certificates, as Washington State is not a Tax Lien state.
  • The foreclosure sales are usually held each year during the first week in February.
  • The only way to purchase property from a tax foreclosure sale is to participate in the annual auction, scheduled to be conducted through the internet by the County Treasurer’s third party vendor. A minimum bid will be solicited for each property. This bid must include all taxes, interest, penalties, recording, and foreclosure costs. The Auction is by electronic means on the internet.
  • The County Treasurer in conducting and executing a sale of property is not liable for the failure of a device that is not owned, operated and managed by the County which prevents a person from participating in any internet sale. For the purpose of this paragraph, “device” includes, but is not limited to, computer hardware, a computer network, a computer software application, and a computer website. Full payment is due at the time of the successful bid. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, a cashier's check or money order made out to "Clark County Treasurer". For further information, see the Real Property Auction Process.
  • The successful bidder will receive a Treasurer’s Deed without any expressed or implied warranty. Clark County does not warrant any property suitable for any use, nor do they make any claims regarding covenants, easements, restrictions, and zoning.

  • All parcels are sold “as is” and all sales are final. The sale of these properties should not, in anyway, be equated to real estate sales by licensed salespeople, brokers or realtors. The County of Clark makes no guarantee or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, relative to the title, legal lot determination, zoning classification, building permit eligibility, location or condition of the properties for sale. Potential purchasers should seek the advice of a real estate attorney if additional information is needed.
  • Prior owners have no rights to the property after foreclosure unless they were a minor or legally incompetent. Minors and legal incompetents have the right to redeem anytime within three years from the date of the foreclosure sale. They redeem the property by paying the sales price plus interest on the tax amount. Any improvements made by the new owner would also be reimbursed (RCW 84.64.070).

  • Generally, all liens on foreclosed property are extinguished. However, the County can make no guarantees that the prior lien holders will honor these extinguishments. IRS liens are usually also extinguished, but they are subject to a 120-day redemption period. If prior lien holders attempt to collect on their liens after the property has been foreclosed on, it is entirely up to the new owner to defend against these claims.


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