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Real Property Tax Foreclosure Auction Process

  • The Clark County Treasurer conducts a property tax foreclosure auction pursuant to RCW 84.64.  This is a public auction held once a year. Typically, this auction is held early in February. 

  • This auction is facilitated by

  • Registration is required in order to bid. In accordance with RCW 84.64.080, no person who is a County employee or officer may bid at this sale, nor may such person bid as an agent or allow an agent to bid on their behalf.

  • The legal public notice will be published in the Columbian, a local newspaper.

  • A 2016 list of POTENTIAL properties for the upcoming February 2-3, 2016 foreclosure sale.

  • Terms of sale are subject to modification prior to the commencement of the sale.  By submitting a bid, you agree to the terms of the sale as posted at the time the bid is submitted.

  • Bidders should research thoroughly before bidding.  Purchasers are urged to examine the property title, location, and desirability prior to bidding.  NOTE: Recorded easements are not extinguished by a tax sale. 

  • All sales are final and the Property is sold “as is.” 

  • Payments must be made via wire transfer, cash, or cashier’s check payable to the Clark County Treasurer. For in person or overnight courier payments, our address is 1300 Franklin Street, Vancouver, Washington 98660.  Wire instructions will be available to each successful bidder. 

  • A Treasurer’s deed will be issued within 15 – 30 days after the sale in the name of the purchaser to the successful bidder.

  • These sales may be subject to special assessment liens of other taxing districts and federal liens not extinguished by this sale whether known or unknown.  Properties that have an IRS, City L.I.D. or U.L.I.D. lien against them, where known, have been listed online.  The IRS has the right to acquire the property within 120 days of this sale by reimbursing the purchaser.  There may be additional unknown liens.  Recorded easements are not extinguished by a tax sale.

  • In accordance with RCW 84.64.070, there will be no right of redemption except for the property of minors or any person adjudicated to be legally incompetent.  The property may then be redeemed at any time within three (3) years after the date of the sale. 

  • Any proceeds from the sale in excess of the minimum bid will be held by the County Treasurer up to three (3) years and can be refunded upon proper application by the title owners(s) of record at the time of the filing of the Certificate of Delinquency. 

  • There is no right of redemption period except if the property were that of a minor or any person adjudicated to be legally incompetent. In this case, the property may be redeemed within three years.

  • Properties that do not sell at the foreclosure auction becomes the assets of the County and are administered by the Clark County Public Works Department/Real Property Services, (360) 397-6118 x4370.

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