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 Tax Definitions and Descriptions

Amount Due
This is the amount of current year property tax for which you are liable.

Property Account Number (PAN)
Identification of your property in Assessorís records

Tax Payment Option
Property taxes are due April 30th.  If a payment due date falls on a weekend, payment is due the next business day.  If the bill is over $50 and half of the tax bill was paid on or before April 30, the second-half of the bill may be paid by October 31.

Code District
The number stands for the combination of taxing districts that collect property taxes in the area where the property (PAN) is.

Where the Dollars Go
These figures show the tax dollars allocated to each district within whose boundaries your property lies.

Assess Value
These figures are assessed (market) value placed on your property by the Assessorís Office.

Tax Rate
This is the total of all rates (per thousand dollars of assessed value) that the various governmental entities have levied to finance their operations.  This total rate varies throughout the county, depending on the amount each government levies.

% Voter Approved
The percentage amount of your tax bill resulting from voter approval of specific projects (schools levies, capital and construction projects and the like) is shown here.

Short Legal
Abbreviated description of the property provided by the Assessorís Office.

Property Address
Address provided by County or City Building Departments for properties with a structure on it.

Return Address
Make sure this address appears through the window of the envelope used to mail your payment.

Mailing Address
Address where property tax was mailed.  The original address comes from the Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit Form signed by the property owner or agent acting on behalf of the property owner.  The County Assessor maintains the name and address changes.

Change Mailing Address
A notice for mailing address change form on reverse side of the statement.

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