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Research Real Property


Research Your Property Using The Internet

  1. Property Information Center which will take you to the Clark County Assessors area for property information, including property taxes.
    Please enter your property account number (PAN) OR property address in the appropriate field.

    Property account numbers (PAN) contain nine numbers.
    Example: 050490000

    Property addresses contain:
    Example: 1234 NE Main St
       House number (1 to 6 digits)
       Sub-address (if any) such as F
       Street direction (if any), such as: NE, NW, E, N, S, SW
       Street name, such as D, Franklin, 39th
       Street type, such as ST,AV,CT,CR

    2. If you do not have a property account number (PAN) or address, use  Digital Atlas (Maps on Line).  To begin researching property, place the cursor on the general area of the map where your property is located in the county and continue to click until the property is visually identified.  With each click you will get closer.  Once the property has been located and property information is desired, click on the Identify radio button (above the map), using the Indentify button with the cursor then click on the specific property on the map.  The property information will appear on the left side of the screen.

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