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Common questions

1. If I have weeds on my property and think they're toxic, can Vegetation Management tell me what the plants are?

That's difficult to do over the phone. In most cases, the department sends someone out to identify the plant in person.

2. If I have weeds on my property and want to get rid of them, can Vegetation Management help?

In this situation, the department usually does two things: It sends the resident information about different removal approaches, such as chemicals and biological agents, and makes recommendations over the phone.

3. If Ireport an infestation of weeds in my neighborhood, can Vegetation Management do something?

The department will send someone out to check on the situation. If there is a problem with noxious weeds, the department will send a letter to the property owner noting the legal responsibilities to control the weeds. A booklet listing dangerous weeds and ways to control them also will accompany the letter. The department will follow up with the property owner, too.


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