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Drinking Water and wells
Individual water systems

Individual wells provide water to 24% of Clark County residents.  Our staff provide resources and answer questions on water quality issues, how to disinfect water systems, protection of well source from surface activities, etc. Clark County Community Development often requires a Water Availability and Verification Evaluation (WAVE) by Clark County Public Health prior to the issuance of building permits. 

Well drillers inform us of all intents to drill or decommission a well.  Drinking water staff has a contract with Washington Department of Ecology to inspect 80% of the work completed by well drillers. 

New and replacement individual wells must be tested for water quality (coliform bacteria, arsenic, and nitrate). Applicants are responsible for collecting water samples for analysis by a Washington State Certified Laboratory. Some local laboratories are listed on the Service Provider list (PDF).

How to apply for a WAVE (Water Availability and Verification Evaluation) 
To apply for a Water Availability Verification Evaluation, submit all of the items listed on the WAVE Submittal Materials Checklist along with a completed Water Services Application. You will be notified of the evaluation results within 3-5 business days. During times of the year when the volume of applications is higher, the review process can take longer. If you have questions about the timeline for your application, please contact us at (360) 397-8428 before submitting your application, and we can provide some information on the likely timeline for completion of your application review. Fees differ depending on whether the water system has had a previous WAVE. The appropriate fee can be found on the fee schedule (PDF).

Flooding well photo
The well seal is important for protection of the water source.




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